Corporate Social Responsibility

Trans-IT Support aims to be a transparent open minded company when it comes to CSR.

We offer our contractors minimum 4 hour contracts with our clients at the same time providing competitive rates to keep your business.

We understand that providing our valued staff with more exposure to your company will in turn help you in your most critical time of need.

We also aim to provide critical structure and education to our staff about your needs so that even before they walk in the door our staff have a pretty good understanding of what it is you want them to do and to be open to any issues or surprises that may come to light when our staff are present on site.

Our aim is to provide you with a solution that is straight forward and offer options that will help to make your business run smoothly and to reduce the need for you to take care of issues yourself when you have that important meeting you are supposed to attend or that report you desperately need to write and the last thing you need is an IT Support issue that is stopping you.

Our Staff can be onsite within 24 hours for your support needs or within a few hours if the issue is extremely urgent and will depend on your SLA with us.

All of our staff are expected to perform above and beyond when it comes to your needs and to act in a professional supportive manner. We also aim to reward our staff with appropriate training and benefits where we see outstanding work.

We are currently integrating client logins to our site so that you can see the details of who will be supporting you and the amount of time they spent on site again for further transparency.

We are gladly an equal opportunity employer and aim to provide those in the LGBTIQ communities with priority. People from these communities tend to be more professional have greater experience and often are overlooked for promotion or work because of their sexual preference or orientation. One of our core aims is to eliminate prejudice when it comes to our community. By partnering with us you will also be standing up for these communities.